Wednesday, February 5, 2014

PYM's Graduate Student Guide-Blog

In thinking about the past three years writing for PYM, I just realized that I write a lot of posts about issues that graduate students care about. I've made a list with links to each of these posts below. Now all the "wisdom" I have to offer about graduate school is in one place. I hope this will help you--current and future graduate students in psychology--to navigate the challenges and opportunities that many of us face on our way to a PhD! Good luck in your journey and don't be afraid to leave comments or questions on the post or on twitter (@mwkraus or @psychyourmind).

I. Writing Advice
The Difficulties of Scientific Writing (An Update). Offers some advice about how to deal with the times when you struggle with writing.

More Authors or Less Authors? How many authors should you have on your empirical papers and does it matter for your job prospects?

An Insider's Guide to Psychology Prose. Ever wonder where to find the summary of an empirical article? This post can help you.

II. Research Execution and Design
Six Guidelines for Interesting Research (the Remix). Advice from the late/great Dan Wegner on research design with a PYM twist.

Science is Slow. How long does it take to publish an article in an empirical journal? A long time!

Quality v. Quantity in Publication. How is a researcher evaluated--based on quality or quantity? What does this evaluation mean for grad students trying to land a research job?

III. Navigating Graduate School 
Is Graduate School a Ponzi Scheme? Graduate school is not a perfect system where everyone is guaranteed great training. Know what to expect.

Another Lay Theory of Success in Graduate School. What are some of the traits that might help you be a successful graduate student?

A Single Factor Model for Success in Graduate School. What if graduate school success only depends on one factor? Wouldn't that be interesting (pun intended)!

Pro Tip: Treat Graduate School Like a Job. It's hard to know what to expect in graduate school. Manage the uncertainty by treating it like a full time job.

This is NOT advice about the academic job market. Getting a job is a strange experience. Here's what to expect.


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    1. Thanks for pointing this out. I just fixed it!