About "Psych Your Mind"

Welcome to "Psych Your Mind." The goal of this blog is to better understand why people think, feel, and behave the way they do. This, we can all agree, is more difficult than it sounds. If for example, we are trying to explain why my neighbor bangs on the ceiling whenever I'm at home in my apartment, we certainly can generate some theories (e.g., s/he is aggressively swatting flies, doing exuberant jumping jacks, etc...). What's unique, in some ways, about this blog is that we'll be generating theories from psychological science!

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"What is psychological science?" you ask. Well, all we mean by that is we will be trying to understand how people think about the world using some of the cutting edge research and theories from the field of psychology.

Finally, it is important to point out that this blog is a cooperative venture put together by a handful of enterprising psychology researchers who are, generally speaking, just as curious as you are about how the world works. We've all had several years of intensive training in a broad range of areas in psychology research, and we all have slightly different perspectives on psychological theory. As you (the reader) follow this blog, you'll meet all of us, learn about the unique theories we favor, and become acquainted with how our ideas can help shed light on why  people think, feel, and behave the way they do! It's one of those rare win (for you), win (for us) situations. Please make sure to come here often! Feel free to post comments and questions and send ideas for topics you'd like us to discuss.

**Please Note** Each blog post on "Psych Your Mind" reflects the specific opinion of the blogger/researcher who wrote that post and is not intended to reflect all of the opinions of the bloggers/researchers who write for this blog.