Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Happy Birthday, Psych Your Mind!

On this day last year, Psych Your Mind (PYM) was born.

The first post was a brief summary of our expectations for the future of this blog, and I must admit that we have exceeded those expectations. How you ask? Well, let me put the blog into perspective for you:

PYM By The Numbers
220 the number of views our inaugral blog entry has received
+205,405 the total number of PYM views as of yesterday
2,596 the number of views in our first full month
7 the number of consecutive months our blog has increased in viewership
37,313 the number of views last month, our current record
1332 the average number of blog readers per day last month
322 the number of blog subscribers
157 the number of PYM twitter followers

A Team Effort
In addition to these amazing statistics, we have also been fortunate to work together as an unstoppable team of bloggers. Including our three current contributing bloggers (Juli, Amie, and myself), we have also been fortunate to work with one Emeritus blogger (Anna) and 10 awesome guest bloggers who have provided some really eye-opening content examining, for instance, how politicians express guilt, why we turn to religion in times of uncertainty, how to excel at speed dating, why some stress can be good for you, and how psychologists are trying to reduce the academic achievement gap. All our bloggers are experts in psychology research, and that is one thing we have been really proud of at PYM.

Our Most Popular Content
During this team effort, some of our posts have become unbelievably popular. Our Friday Fun post about that uses a personality test to sort you into Hogwarts Houses has garnered the most reader comments with 19 (hey, you can still find out where you belong in the world of Harry Potter here!). Amie also currently holds the record for the most-viewed PYM blog entry (13,198 views and rising!), with her sweeping summary of the psychological principles that underlie nutrition. That's amazing particularly since nutrition isn't even Amie's core area of research!

The rest of us also have our most popular posts: For Anna, it was her post about how sometimes people actually prefer negative feedback from others. For Juli, her simultaneously mind-blowing and uplifting post about the near zero probability of our existence was the most viewed. For myself, it was the second installment of the Happiness Chronicles, which examined whether money buys happiness (Part III will happen soon!). Of the guest posts, many have carried a large readership, with Olga's post on how religion shapes kindness currently holding the record for most page views (2,022 and counting).

Future Plans
Things have been so unexpectedly successful at PYM, that it is hard to think of changes that would make the website better. I think we will continue to try and accomplish the same goals we wrote about in our inaugural post-- the content here will continue to focus on how psychological theories and research can help us understand everyday life.

Beyond this, I think we are, perhaps, most excited about having an opportunity to engage our readers in debates about psychology. Thus, we are still trying to encourage more comments and involvement from our readers (That's You!). We love to grapple with your insightful comments, and we hope you will continue to share your opinions with us. Part of the excitement of a blog format is the dynamic sharing of ideas that happens with reader comments.

Also, we are always looking for new researchers interested in contributing to our content. If you are a researcher in psychology (broadly defined) and you have interest in experimenting with a blog format, why not join us for a guest post or two? After all, some of the most influential minds in our field are already doing it here, here, and here. You might as well get involved too!

Finally, what would you, PYM reader, like us to blog about over the course of the next year? We're not actually equipped with an endless supply of (good) ideas, so if there is anything you're curious about, we'd love to hear that in the comments! In the meantime, thanks so much--from all of us--for stopping by from time to time!

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